Town of Taos Comprehensive Plan

Your Community Needs Your Input

The Town of Taos is updating its Comprehensive Plan, and needs your input about your community.

The Comprehensive Plan is an official public policy document adopted by Town Council as a policy guide to future decisions about development priorities for the community.

If you are an individual who resides in or near Taos, or simply visits on occasion, please fill out this survey:

If you represent an organization working in Taos, please fill out this survey:

To help the planning team understand the priorities, projects, and capacities of the community groups actively working on so many different vital issues in Taos, please consider filling out this short survey about your organization and the work you do.

An overview of the existing Comprehensive Plan and project objectives is also available as a downloadable PDF.

Additional reference material material includes previous studies, maps, and official documents:
Existing Taos Plans (100 MB Zip Archive)
Plan Update Resources (140 MB Zip Archive)